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A UI/UX designer / Frontend Developer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I have a passion for web design and love to create for web and mobile devices.

About Me

I'm Yohannes, a passionate UX designer and developer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With a love for web and mobile design, I specialize in creating captivating digital experiences. Equipped with expertise in Frontend Development, Graphics design, UI/UX Design, and more, I combine creativity with functionality to produce visually stunning and user-friendly applications. I thrive in collaborative environments, valuing open communication and the power of collective ideas. Let's connect and bring your vision to life on the web!

Personal Info

  • Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • E-mail: atoyohannesb@gmail.com
  • Phone: +251 910 079 266


Web Design

Unlock the Digital Potential: Shape Your Online Presence with Cutting-Edge Web Designs that Captivate and Inspire.

UI/UX Design

Embrace the Beauty of User-Centric Design: Where Intuitive Interfaces and Engaging Experiences Come Together in Perfect Harmony.

Graphics Design

From Imagination to Illustration: Elevate Your Brand with Striking Visuals and Masterful Graphic Design Craftsmanship.

Logo Design

Unleash the Essence of Your Brand: Elevate Your Identity with Custom-Crafted Logo Designs that Speak Volumes.

Previous Recruiters


Tools and Technologies



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign


Languages and Frameworks





2023 - Present Purposeify INC

Lead UX Designer

As a UX Lead I Lead the process of understanding user needs and behaviors through research and analysis. Develop and maintain a comprehensive design system to ensure consistency and scalability across products. Conduct regular design reviews and provide constructive feedback to ensure alignment with design standards. and Provide guidance and mentorship to junior UX designers, fostering their growth and development.

2023 - Present Ablaze Labs

UX Designer

Improves and expands project platforms using Best UX practices to design rich User Interfaces. Monitors emerging UX design trends and practices for useful techniques and cutting-edge developments suitable for integration into future projects and Creates wireframes, user flows, and prototypes to communicate design concepts.

2022 - 2023 Tria Trading PLC

Senior Frontend Designer

As a Senior Frontend Designer at Tria, excelling in visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces. Translated client requirements into pixel-perfect designs for optimal cross-device performance. Drove user satisfaction through intuitive and engaging digital experiences.

2021 - 2023 ooForms

Senior UX Designer and Customer Relations

Led successful software development projects, guiding and mentoring teams to deliver high-quality solutions. Drove innovation through expertise in coding languages and frameworks. Collaborated closely with stakeholders to ensure timely and budget-conscious project delivery, meeting client expectations and business objectives.

2021 - 2023 Orthospax Technologies

UX Designer, Frontend Engineer and CTO

At Orthospax, I was responsible for developing inventory software for pharmacies. However, due to financial constraints faced by us, the sales efforts were not successful in promoting its adoption, so we couldn't successfully get the software to use.

2020 - 2021 Nucleus Institute

Junior UX Designer

As a Junior UX Designer, I lead end-to-end design activities, from research and user analysis to creating intuitive interfaces. Collaborating cross-functionally, I ensure visually stunning designs aligned with brand guidelines. I provide strategic design insights to drive business goals and meaningful user impact.

2019 - 2020 iWork Technologies

Lead Frontend Developer

At iWork Technologies, I held the role of Frontend Developer and Designer, where I took responsibility for both the development and design aspects of the frontend. During my tenure, I gained valuable knowledge and skills that served as a strong foundation for my career in software engineering. Working in iWork proved to be a significant learning experience, shaping my professional growth and paving the way for my continued success in the field.

2018 - 2019 Appdiv System Development

Fullstack Intern

During my Internship, I actively contributed to the development of a web application by assisting in both frontend and backend tasks. I collaborated closely with senior developers and team members, helping to implement features, resolve technical issues, and ensure the smooth functioning of the application. On the frontend, I participated in building responsive and user-friendly interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks. Throughout the internship, I actively learned and grew by staying updated with industry trends and absorbing feedback from experienced developers.


2014 - 2018 Diredawa University

Bachelors of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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